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Examanix simplifies the tricky things so you can focus on what matters.

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One of the biggest headaches of running a CAIE exam centre is the paperwork leading up the exam sessions. The registrations, payments, the dropped and added subjects, refunds and all the other little tedious aspects which slow things down, Examanix is the Exam Management Solution that makes CAIE registrations as straightforward and simple as possible.

With Examanix, you can cover all aspects of managing CAIE exams, for each candidate & exam, at a glance.

Work faster
and more

Register candidates and stay on track with all their details, at a glance whether they want to add a subject, drop another, etc. Your day is hectic enough, let Examanix take the stress out of the paperwork.


Processing and tracking payments can be a pain. Examanix alleviates this headache with its easy-to-use interface so you don’t spend valuable time first tediously learning a system before you can actually make it work for you

The solution
for results

All results are displayed per exam as well as per candidate, allowing for easy report generation and exporting.